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5 Super Interesting Facts about Soap! (Part I)

Soap has been around for quite a while. In fact, you'll read this little here blog post and you'll learn of a bunch of things about it that you didn't know before. But if you're really interested we have plenty of interesting posts that we love to share on Instagram occasionally.

Below is just one example:

Hey, that's us!


Now that that's out of the way, let's begin sharing. Most importantly we've listed each fact out for you in this two-part series! 

Fact #1: The word soap is derived from a Roman legend. Yes! Mount Sapo, which is weird because no record of this place exists! You can read more about it here

Fact #2: Soap has been around for 4,800 years! Yes, it was used for something else though, stay tuned to find out!

Fact #3: 1/3 of produced soap is actually used by the US! Apparently we love our soap!

Fact #4: The most expensive bar of soap will cost you around $2,800. It contains gold in it! Personally we rather stick to other exfoliants though.

Fact #5: Most bar soaps contain toxic chemicals. Don't worry about that anymore though, because we have none!


That's all for now, check out our wonderful products here to get a feel for organic products, see you soon!